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1ballsports, where your  t-shirt says it all.  Arrogance is looked upon with negativity, while confidence is held in high regard.  Well, at 1ballsports, we believe arrogance is simply letting others know how confident you really are.  Our t-shirts let everyone know that you are a dominating athlete and proud of it.  1ballsports t-shirts express an attitude, an attitude of confidence, competitiveness, courage, fearlessness, and the impossibility of losing.   Those that are offended by our brand of t-shirts are generally not very athletic.  You know the ones, picked last for the team, or maybe not picked at all.  Or these guys, the ones whose “mommy” calls the coach when they get cut from the team.  We all know those  kind.  Our t-shirts are not for them.  These people have the complete opposite attitude. They are usually full of excuses. Their attitude screams of weakness and defeat.  We don’t want them wearing our brand.  As a matter of fact, we don’t even want them on our web-site. Our attitude t-shirts are for the athlete who isn’t afraid to let you know he or she is better than you, and ready to prove it, as soon as you are worthy. Fierce competitors will relate to our t-shirts, the meek and timid will have a tough time understanding.  That’s the way we want it to be.  If they have to ask, they don’t need to know.  1ballsports t-shirts simply let everyone know that you are a superior athlete who is ready for any challenge, those that are offended just need to walk away….. 1ballsports – ATTITUDE²

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